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Carla’s List

Carla’s List

This is a documentary movie trailer released 6 years ago, featuring the ICTY prosecutor Carla Del Ponte seeking Justice at former Yugoslavia by trying to bring war criminals to the Hague. As we learned from the readings during this course, she is a former chief prosecutor of both the ICTY and ICTR, continuously showed a strong stance towards impunity especially to both Victor and Loser state officials. This movie is about Del Ponte struggling to negotiate with Croatian government and the supporting States like the United States which refused to take custody of War criminals. At that time, Rahim Ademi and Ante Gotovina were indicted by the ICTY but were protected by the Croatian state.  

Even though it was 2 years ago that I watched this movie, I still remember how the International tribunals are affected by the world politics and how the progress of capturing those criminals are depended on the individual prosecutor’s efforts. 

Unfortunately I could not find this video online but it would be worth to watch in order to have a better understandings of the relationship between the court and the International Community. 


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