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Bashir Slams ICC

Bashir Slams ICC

President Bashir condemned the ICC for issuing an arrest warrant for his defense minister. Bashir addressed the crowd during a rally, accusing the ICC of trying to undermine a symbol of the country’s armed forces. He then said he and his minister would defend the dignity and pride of Sudan.

The court said Hussein is wanted on 41 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, including murder, rape, torture, pillaging and attacks against civilians.

Sudanese officials dismissed the warrant, saying they did not plan to hand over Hussein. Sudan does not recognize the ICC and has previously dismissed the prosecutors’ charges against Hussein as politically motivated.

Bashir has continued to ignore the ICC’s arrest warrant by continuing to travel abroad, but only in countries that are not participants of the ICC, or where authorities are unlikely to arrest him.

The U.S. has also expressed their opinion, specifically U.S. secretary Hilary Clinton saying that Bashir appears to be undermining the new South Sudan, adding that Washington would consider increasing pressure on Bashir to reverse course”.

Since 1997, Sudan has been under U.S. economic sanctions. Bashir fired back following Clinton’s statement by saying “The Americans always said they will treat Sudan with a carrot and stick. We want to say to them: we don’t want their carrot because their roots are poisoned and nasty. And we don’t fear their stick.”

What do you think about this statement and the fact that it seems Bashir may never be taken down by the ICC?


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