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“Truth on Trial:” An ICTR Trial of a Rwandan Priest

This new documentary by Al Jazeera provides a fascinating and rare inside look into an ICTR trial – that of a Rwandan priest accused of direct and indirect responsibility for mass killings in his area of Nyanza. As the summary explains, the footage highlights the difficulty of ascertaining the truth even in a trial for a high profile accused. It also subtly shows the political and societal pressures in post-genocide Rwanda not to testify against accused genocide perpetrators.

If you have the time to watch it I would encourage any comments and questions.


One response to ““Truth on Trial:” An ICTR Trial of a Rwandan Priest

  1. aojustice2012 March 7, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    This is one of several films or longer news clips available on/through al Jazeera, which now has a worldwide audience. We’ve discussed a lot in class, the importance of involving victim communities in trials, tribunals and truth commissions. It’s important that the victims of these massive crimes are aware of and understand any justice processes involved.

    I find this and the other videos available speak mainly to another point; they help develop a historical record of atrocities for a worldwide audience.

    This video puts a name and face to a process which can seem very distant or historical to, for example, the Western world. It reminds the international community that there is an ongoing involvement in Rwanda on the part of the international community. Also by providing worldwide access to these videos, al Jazeera makes an important step towards forming the legacy of the trials, and the legacy of those “most responsible.”

    I feel that as the ICC specifically goes on, more media will be generated on the international level condemning perpetrators, and/or retelling events as they are revealed through the trials. How would this affect the deterrence affect of the ICC in the future? Will it be noticeable, or negligible?

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