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Syria Unrest: Death Toll Rising

In this article from the BBC, the authors detail the death toll rising to over 7,500, with an estimate 100 civilians per day,  since last March when security officials launched a “crackdown” on the situation altogether.  Of particular interest in this article is that Secretary Hilary Clinton is moving to suggest that President Bashar al-Assad fits the definition of a war criminal which would change circumstances and make it easier to take swift action in the region (after being denied by the Security Council recently.)  An emergency meeting of the UN Human Rights Council was held in Geneva, and preparations have begun to submit a formal complaint to the ICC.  Such proceedings will certainly give the US what they want- as far as forcefully getting involved in Syria- without having Russia and China sign on.  The ICC could be used as an independent avenue.


One response to “Syria Unrest: Death Toll Rising

  1. skmonroe707 March 1, 2012 at 10:34 pm

    Another interesting fact to lend to the transitional justice aspect of the Syria conflict is that it was announced today that the red cross would be entering Homs. In this reporting it mentioned that of the nearly 100,000 that live in Baba Amr in Homs only a few thousand remain. The displacement of entire populaces is something we’ve seen in other cases of war crimes or crimes against humanity.

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