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North Korea to Stop Nuclear Testing in Exchange for US Food Aid

This article, highlighting the first talks between North Korea and the United States since the death of former leader Kim Jong-il, is mainly focused on how North Korea has now agreed to stop testing and allow the IAEA to conduct investigations within its borders. This agreement comes with an exchange from the US for a roughly 240,000 metric ton food aid package. Although we cannot for sure  say that the US is playing a role in intervening we have known for many years the reclusive nature of North Korea has left us slightly unknowing on the status of the people. The Human Rights watch has called for the new leader to focus on human rights and the stopping of forced labor camps. We have seen in past examples that atrocious conditions for the people can lead to the international stage putting pressure on governments to implement change. Where this new agreement has yet to come to fruition, it could potentially lead to international actors playing more of a role in North Korean domestic policy, hopefully bringing relief to those who have suffered within its borders.


One response to “North Korea to Stop Nuclear Testing in Exchange for US Food Aid

  1. michaelbasumass March 1, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    The human rights abuses in North Korea are many. It is in the international community’s interest to work towards a nuclear-free North Korea. However, I am very skeptical of this recent deal. The deal is that in exchange for a large amount of food aid, North Korea will begin to dismantle their nuclear capabilities.
    Although North Korea is now under new leadership, they have pulled this ploy before. They accept the aid and proliferate it amonst thier elites with very little actually going to the people. Then, they go back to building up their nuclear program.
    Allowing the IAEA into the country is a huge step though if it is a truthful promise. I sincerely hope that this is a step in the right direction, but until further developments come to fruition, I will remain the utmost skeptical.

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