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Syria counts vote of controversial referendum

I came across an article from Al Jazeera reporting on a referendum vote on a new Constitution in Syria, the results are expected to come forth today. Although this article does not tie in specifically to international justice issues, we have been following the Syrian case throughout the semester and I felt it was relevant. The relevance of this vote comes into play in the section of the  Al Jazeera article which reports that many Western nations have deemed this new vote to be “a sham.”  Specifically the Western nations of Germany and Canada are mentioned as being convinced the referendum is “a farce.” In this these countries are opposed to Al-Assad’s regime altogether. As this referendum took place mass amounts of violence also took place. The violence that is taking place is being monitored by a British based Human Rights group called SOHR.  Maybe the continuing violence and upheaval in the region will help spur stronger action from both the UN and the Security Council.


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