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East Timor Politician Dies

I know that we didn’t get a chance to talk about East Timor in class, but I recently saw this article in a Portuguese newspaper that I typically keep up with.  João Carrascalão was the founder and director of the first political party in East Timor after gaining independence from Portugal in 1974.  He ran for president of East Timor in 2007 and finished in last.  Until his death, Carrascalão was the country’s ambassador to South Korea.  His brothers were also very heavily involved in the politics of East Timor.  Many people believe that the brothers were corrupt and had bad intentions with using their power, but others say they did great things and were good at what they did.

I figured I would add this tidbit of information since we weren’t able to get to this in class.  It is current and has to do with a country that went through many struggles not very long ago.  I apologize for the article being in Portuguese, but this is where I originally saw the news last Friday.


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