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Ante Gotovina Jailed for War Crimes

In our reading by Victor Peskin, Ante Gotovina is mentioned a lot.  The reading which is from August 2006 states that Gotovina had not yet been captured due to lack of government cooperation to hand over war criminals from the side of the victor’s.  I was interested in knowing whether or not Gotovina was still at large and found that just last year in April he was jailed for his crimes.  The article I found from “The Guardian” mentions jail terms and which crimes were committed but also reflects on the Croatian response to the jailing of their war ‘hero.’  I found this interesting to see how victor’s justice can be seen in a positive light and in a negative light depending on what side of the conflict individuals happen to be on.  The full article can be found on “The Guardian” website:


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  1. claudialora February 6, 2012 at 12:21 am

    Recently a Haitian court has decided to drop the charges of crime against humanity against former President Jean-Claude Duvalier. According to the Haitian court Jean Claude Duvalier, who ruled Haiti as a dictator from 1971 until 1986, will only have to face charges related to corruption committed during his presidency. This decision only demonstrates the weakness of the Haitian legal system and the lack of resources employed during the investigation by the Haitian judiciary officials. During the 70’ s and 80’s Latin America experienced an era of corruptive and authoritarian regimes, characterized for its human rights violations and abuses. Haiti’s judicial system is obligated to perform an intense investigation against the alleged perpetrator of disappearances, tortures and extrajudicial killings; nevertheless it has denied victims the right for justice and abolished the chances of rebuilding the trust between the state and the Haitian Population.

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