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“Russia and China veto UN Resolution on Syria”

Seen here in the article from alJazeera, they describe a reported mass killing that happened the night before China and Russia vetoed the Security Council Resolution on Syria.

“The diplomatic developments come with activists reporting on Saturday that a Syrian army assault on Homs’ neighbourhood had killed more than 200 civilians since Friday night.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights cited witnesses saying 217 people had been killed in Homs, 138 of them in the Khaldiyeh neighbourhood.”

I found this passage to be particularly resonant with our recent discussion of Srebrenica in class. They later qualify the report by adding that the deaths came during an “assault on the opposition stronghold.” A question I had in response to this report is where the line is drawn according to international law itself and the politics of negotiating international conflicts between what is “too much”? Will 200 deaths of civilians and around 500 injured in one night be enough to ensure that some form of legal action is taken after the immediate conflict is over? Or will it depend entirely on how the conflict is brought to a resolution?


One response to ““Russia and China veto UN Resolution on Syria”

  1. brianumass February 6, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Today (2/6/12), in response to the Russian and Chinese veto, the United States has closed its embassy in Syria on basis of security.

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