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Nearly 150,000 people are fleeing libya

After checking CNN for news today I was amazed that the headline article was about Libya. I know we blogged about this last week but prior to a few weeks ago I had never heard of Gadaffi or the situation that seems to be rapidly unfolding in Libya. The fact that 150,000 people have been displaced so quickly (and that thousands are continuing to flee the nation) seems unreal. Clearly this country is in for some serious changes very soon but that fact that it is happening so quickly is somewhat amazing to me. I also found it interesting that the article had a quote from a man who said Gadaffi has stolen all of his money. He explained that Libyan soldiers still loyal to Gadaffi had stolen all of his money when he attempted to flee the country. I find it very interesting that the soldiers are robbing the citizens before they flee the nation.


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