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The Hariri Tribunal

The Hariri Tribunal

The Hariri tribunal that has been set up for Lebanon is being held in the Dutch town of Ledischendam near the Hague, and it is investigating the terrorist assassinations that took place in 2005. Former prime minister, Rafiq al-Hariri, was killed with 25 others by a suicide bomber in a vehicle loaded with explosives.   In the article, under “who is on trial?”, the people or persons behind the assassinations are not mentioned.  It was believed that Syria was behind the assassinations, but Hezbollah is now being investigated.  Hezbollah has long opposed this UN-backed tribunal investigating this murder, stating that the tribunal is the West’s way of demonizing Hezbollah and that they are being unfairly accused of the crimes.

Lebanon’s government collapsed on January 12th after 11 Ministers from the Hezbollah party withdrew; tensions had been rising between the Sunni-backed Saad Hariri, and the Shiite-backed Hezbollah.  Amidst the protests,  Hezbollah-backed Najib Miqati was sworn in as Lebanon’s new Prime Minster.

I just thought this article was interesting because it is the first ever international terrorism tribunal, and it is not being brought before the International Criminal Court because this court only deals with genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.  It will be interesting to see the outcomes of this tribunal and how the Lebanese government will react.


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